Is this an FAQ, Joke, or an About page?

Do you think you are funny, and will people take you seriously?
YES... Maybe... Does it matter, this is the Internet!

What the heck is a GamerDadster?
Well, that would be me, GamerDadster, but I've gone by a few other names, some good, some that should not be repeated, and that was just from my mother-in-law!  I can be found around the web on various sites for both IT Security, and Gaming, and mostly using the handle of GamerDadster.

What is your area of expertise?
That is a very interesting question depending on who you speak to, and sometimes hard to pin down. I sometimes use my other unoffical title to explain it better, "IT Janitor".  At the moment I specialise in IT Security for the Government of Canada, and manage a team of experts doing work in various areas, but mostly firewallsURL filteringNAC, and VPN.

Seriously, what is your background?
I started out many years ago selling Vic 20s, Atari 800s, Commodore Amigas, Golden II, Franklin, IBM, Compaq, and HP computers.  As the industry matured, I didn't, but my career did.  I started in the programming field while still at John Abbott College, moved on to hardware while attending McGill University, then ended up in the service end of industry.  I've managed server farms, networks, basically anything with an Ethernet jack, and some things you've never heard of most likely.

Why the heck are you doing this?
That is an easy one.  To share my knowledge, to write, help others help themselves when it comes to all things IT and Security.  As far as the website is concerned, it started as a way to help keep my children and their friends safe, my idea of a noble goal.

What is next GamerDadster?
Retirement, buying some more land, starting a farm, and having the most secured wide area network.  When I sell JarLAN, I will create FARMLAN, which will stand for Freerange Agricultural Robotic Machines Local Area Network where the IT devices of the past are put out to pasture and become useful again protecting farming instruments.

Do you plan to post jokes here?
Maybe...But I thought I already did! Well then, here is a real one: Halloween and Christmas are equal, because OCT 31 = DEC 25...