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Learning French - Ou or Où?

posted 10 Jul 2018, 06:54 by GamerDadster Video Gaming

Seems that everything I learnt back in high school, needs to be recalled or relearned.  This is what I learned in the first two weeks that is noteworthy when you are learning French.  The are several words that are used differently depending on the presence or absence of an accent in the written form, however, when speaking it sounds the same.  Don't remember being taught that one.

Ou or Où?
Ou is used to jam two words together in making a choice for a question, similar to the word "or" in English..  "Ou" sans accent, la conjonction qui relie deux mots ou deux groupes de mots pour indiquer un choix.

Come Saturday or Sunday - Venez samedi ou "bien" dimanche

You will also see in the example above, "bien" is an unnecessary word, but can be added for fluff, and when translated comes out the same.

Où is used in conjunction with a relative pronoun or an interrogative adverb generally used to express a place.  "Où" s'agit du pronom relatif ou de l'adverbe interrogatif qui servent généralement à l'expression du lieu.

    Notez l'adresse où nous devons jouer le soccer.
    Où en est-il dans ses achats pour le soccer?

Learning French - First day

posted 10 Jul 2018, 05:18 by GamerDadster Video Gaming   [ updated 10 Jul 2018, 05:57 ]

The first day was interesting! As usual, technology got in the way, no way to communicate with the teacher, back to self study.  Turns out the Internet does fail, and Skype which is the method we chose to use to communicate did not work.  Day two went much much better.  I understood the teacher, I could actually hear him, and he seems like a genuine person that cares for his craft.  We are making up the lost time one hour a day over two weeks.  Three hours done already...

The next thing I discovered I needed was the French special characters missing from my keyboard, and which can be found using the French language keyboard setting.  This requires you to master the relocation of current keys to the new places, so there are two alternate solutions:

1) Copy and paste from elsewhere such as below
2) Use the alt-ASCII 3 digit code done in conjunction with the numeric keypad for speed
Commonly used:
é - 130 - é
è - 138 - è
à - 133 - à
ç - 135 - ç
ê - 136 - ê
û - 150 - û
ù - 151 - ù

No so common:
â - 131 - â
î - 140 - î
É - 144 - É
ô - 147 - ô
ò - 149 - ò
ë - 137 - ë
ï - 139 - ï

À - Code not found

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